Inspired in Italy, Created in Cumbria, Delivered by Dude 


Not Just for Dudes

Created by Dude, Enjoyed by Everyone

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It goes without saying that the Unesco World Heritage Lake District site leaves little to be desired,

but a little bit of pizza never hurt nobody... 


Founded in 2019, Dude's Dough is a mobile, wood fired, Neapolitan pizza company serving pizza to your events in our retro Citröen H van.


Based in Cumbria and available to hire across the North West for everything from garden parties to weddings & festivals.   

Drop Dude a line for more details.

Doughn't You Want Me?

The only mean thing about us is our menu... 

All ingredients are sourced responsibly from Italy and locally where possible!


You can see our current menu and specials on our story on social media or request a copy to be sent via email. 


BASE: Homemade Tomato Base

CHEESE: Fior De Latte (Mozzarella)

ON TOP: Sicilian Pepperoni, Fresh Basil                  


BASE: Homemade Tomato Base

CHEESE: Fior De Latte (Mozzarella) & Parmesan.

ON TOP: Fresh Basil & Olive Oil

Dude, where's my Dough?

Whatever you dough, doughn't leave your dudes hungry...





BASE: Homemade Tomato Base 

CHEESE: Fior De Latte (Mozzarella)

ON TOP: N'duja, Sun Blushed Tomato & Fresh Basil          

Mushroom & Zuchinni 

BASE: Homemade Tomato Base

CHEESE: Fior De Latte (Mozzarella)

ON TOP: Mushroom, Zucchini & Fresh Basil

Meet Dude's Dough


The man, the myth, the magician

Okay, we confess he might not actually be able to magic a white rabbit from a top hat however when it comes to pizza there's nothing quite like Dude's Dough! 

Passionate about pizza from Day 1, Dude has been dedicated to finding the perfect dough formula for years. It's safe to say he's come a long way from his hungover hexagonal creations and can now share his invention with more pride than ever before. 

So, the man himself, christened Guy but known by all as Dude, was born and raised in the heart of Cumbria, the Lake District. As the old saying goes, you can take the man out of Lake District but you can't take the Lake District out of the man. So after travelling the world in his spare time in search of the best pizza, Dude returned home to put his own spin on things, launching Dude's Dough in 2019! 

To quote Mr Keating it's been a bit of a rollercoaster... it turns out converting an antique into a lean mean pizza machine isn't as simple as it sounds, but with some blood, sweat and many tears we're pleased to confirm that all truly is well that ends well. 

When he's not slinging dough (to his specially curated Spotify playlist, check it out!) you can catch Dude enjoying a well earned pint at the local Swan Hotel or burning his hard earned cash on his beloved boat, Dawg Ryder 1 (don't ask). 




Hey good lookin',

come check out what we've got cookin'!

Ham & Mushroom

BASE: Homemade Tomato Base

CHEESE: Fior De Latte (Mozzarella)

ON TOP: Ham, Mushroom & Fresh                       Basil

Chilli & Chorizo 

Here at Dude's Dough we know your special day is all about you, so why not tell us a bit about yourselves and let us design a bespoke pizza menu tailored to your tastes? 

We don't know about you but when we come to party we mean business. So while you get down on the dance floor, we get down to powering your people with delicious pizza to keep the party going all day and all night long.

When we're not out catering for private events you can catch us at local events & festivals! Keep an eye on our social media to find out where you can catch us next to get your fix of Dude's Dough.

The Details


Public events - Pay by the pizza 

Private events - Min spend £660 - 50 pizzas

Private events - Max capacity is 200 pizza per evening.

50% non refundable deposit upon booking, remaining 50% 1week prior to event.  

Feeling thirsty? We have a selection of soft drinks and local beer, cider at certain locations where applicable.

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